• Welcome to The Happy Tooth - Dr. Alexys Ward

Welcome to The Happy Tooth – A Modern Dental Practice

We have called our business “The Happy Tooth.”  We did this to reflect our belief that a healthy tooth, through best dental practice, is always a happy tooth.

Our Mission Statement is to secure for you happy teeth.  Happy teeth are free from pain and present themselves on your behalf to their best advantage.

The Happy Tooth Dental Practice is committed to providing you and your family with all your general dental care in a professional yet friendly, caring and relaxed environment.

Our modern and comfortable dental premises are located in Singleton.  We provide dental services to all areas of the Singleton area including Broke, Jerrys Plains, Belford, Branxton and surrounding towns.

We offer a full range of treatment options.  In addition to general Dentistry we have available tooth whitening, cosmetic dentistry and dental implants, together with general preventative care programs.  We strive to meet your individual requirements.  We can provide you with information and opportunities to best prevent dental diseases.

Your teeth are important to you, and important to us.  Your teeth:

– are involved in your nutrition and general health through what you can eat;
– impact on your general appearance, particularly when smiling, laughing and talking;
– can affect your speech.

The Happy Tooth Dental Practice recognises the value of your teeth to you.

We have included in our premises a dedicated play area for children, making your visit to our premises more relaxing.

Patients with Private Health Insurance will enjoy the value and convenience of instant claiming.  Patients eligible for funding under the Veteran’s Health Program, and the Child Dental Benefit Scheme are most welcome and will be bulk billed.

We regard ourselves as the family Dentists, we are here to help all members of our community.