Your first appointment will involve a full examination of the teeth and gums.

It will normally be necessary to scale and polish the teeth to remove the tartar build up. At the conclusion we recommend a fluoride application to assist in reducing dental decay and tooth sensitivity. It’s best if x-rays are taken to assess what is happening in the teeth, not simply what can be seen on the surface.  A full mouth x-ray (OPG) may also be appropriate to check for wisdom teeth / wisdom teeth problems and the bottom ends (roots) of the teeth.

The Happy Tooth has been equipped with state of the art x-ray technology. 

We are fully digitalised, this gives us a faster and better x-ray with 80% less radiation than for the older style film x-rays. This latest technology allows us to assist in identifying possible tooth health problems.

By having a proactive or regular preventative dentistry scheme we will detect decay or dental health problems earlier.

Ultimately, you will have better teeth and spend less money on dental repair work. The dental check up helps us to reinforce our education program so that both adults and children can better look after their own teeth for life.